Tuesday, September 16, 2014

How To Buy High-End Furniture For Wholesale On The Internet

New Internet direct marketers are giving old line brick and mortar stores a run for their money and consumers are ending up the winners. We spoke to several experts who revealed their secrets to discount purchasing on the web.

Their revelations indicate that a major new wrinkle has occurred in the pricey world of high-end designer furniture. New Internet direct sites are giving old line brick and mortar stores a run for their money on all of the best known brands and lines. Consumers are ending up winners and shoppers are saving huge amounts by using the web in usual ways.

Experts have their secrets to wholesale purchasing on the web. You will be surprised what the connoisseurs noted in recent blind tests between a Le Corbusier $8,055 Cassina 3-seat sofa we located at DWR, and a $2,095 reproduction we sourced on the Internet. We have found a revolutionary change in the direct-to-consumer wholesale model that will forever change the market place.

Le Corbusier was a master of modernism. He created a series of stools, chairs, love-seats, sofas, lounges, coffee tables, and dining tables that look as contemporary now as the day they were introduced. In the past, consumers who wanted blue end Le Corbusier architectural furniture could only buy product from designers who worked directly with manufacturers like Knoll, Herman Miller, Steelform, and Cassina.

In the 1990s a major change occurred in the market place. For the first time buyers could purchase product from high-end firms like Design Within Reach to avoid having to hire a decorator. On the down side, the end user still had to pay full list price, taxes, and wait several months for delivery with DWR.

Now a second revolution has occurred in the retail market place. Buyers are purchasing factory-direct goods at wholesale prices via the web.

In the past, manufactures had to pay an extra fee for the use of these designs, and the artist was paid a fee for each product that was produced. Instead of lowering their price point to reflect these savings, the big brand labels pocket the difference.

All in all, savvy consumers should look for factory-direct, wholesale prices, instead of the top dollar retail prices. Search for an outlet that doesn't charge tax, and does provide a warranty, as well as customer support. Make sure that your supplier provides you with support before, during, and after your transaction.

Finally, look at the images that your provider is showcasing. Many pictures are Photoshopped, borrowed, or fakes! Request photos from the factory so that you can see images of your furniture without glossy production brush ups! That way you can insure what you see, it what you get!